Friday, December 05, 2003

As Nicholas seems preoccupied with a certain superfriend...

I suppose it's up to me to carry the torch here in the Velvet Lounge.

Ever wonder about Moldova? With an economy that contracted more than 40% in the 1990s, 'official' unemployment hovering over 10% and mass daily protests which have lasted more than two years, the troubles of tiny Moldova have been blatantly muffled by western news agencies. This tiny romanian-speaking nation on the brink of anarchy, faces certain economic collapse and absorption into the reemerging russian sphere of influence.

With crumbling political, economic and social structures, locals have turned to other methods of income "Over 60% of the tens of thousands of girls now believed to be in sexual slavery come from Moldova."

Feel free to indulge yourself in this captivating and somewhat... disturbed nation.


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