Sunday, December 07, 2003

Holy Christ! says Vitale

In lieu of discussing Kevin steering his Blackhawks (with all-star J.R.) into the jaws of defeat at the hands of the ribald juggernaut Yake -- indeed, in lieu of churlish comments about Kent and the 64-15 affair, I will touch briefly on the Sega Genesis.

What a goddamed fine console, my friends. Anyone who disagrees is a fly-bitten coxcomb and a swag-bellied applejohn, and that's all that need be said re: the Sega Genesis!

As for Blanka, his story is long and tragic.
"Blanka's story begins when he was a young boy by the name of Jimmy, who was the only survivor of a plane crash in the Amazon jungle. As is typical of stories of this type, young Jimmy was adopted by a female jaguar. She taught the young human how to survive in the jungle. Jimmy meanwhile, pushed aside all memories of his previous life, and renamed himself 'Blanka' in imitation of the cough of the jaguar."

A little time in the jacuizz with a cosmic bowl of Angelina is a tonic for the soul, but if Kevin knew what's best he'd work the stove next week. Now go watch people search for smut, you reprobates.


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