Friday, January 16, 2004

Jerky, 'Hard Oilers' and the Oil Springs Odyssey- Life on the Edge in the heart of Lambton County

In the span of 24 hours, I have become one of the most avid jerker line fans in the world. Leaving school in the dust, I chose to spend my day traveling to the world famous Oil Museum of Canada in dear old Oil Springs, followed by a afternoon jaunt to the Petrolia Discovery. The pungent smell of black gold permeating my soul as I crossed the endless snowswept plains of my youth. Oh my N. Pants, what times!!! Jerker lines stretching as far as the eye can see... the largest pumping rig in the world... and oozing gumbeds... I saw them all and was in awe. Life in the S.W.O. has never been sweeter.

I have resolved to create a jerker system of my own.

"Soon jerker lines were running everywhere through the oil fields and also in town. They ran up and down streets, under bridges and roads and sometimes through backyards. One unique Victorian touch was a special timer that turned the oil wells off during Sunday." Holy cripes!

Furthermore, just as I suspected, the Town of Petrolia officially confirmed that the Iraq War was started by none other than Petrolia.
"In view of the conflict in Iraq, the question has been posed "Is Petrolia responsible for the conflict In Iraq?" It was drillers from Petrolia that discovered and developed the oil fields of Iraq. If the oil was not there would the USA be involved in the region? Some would say if it was not Hard Oilers that discovered the oil later on others would have. I am sure that the oil fields of the Petrolia region stand ready to fill in for any inadequacies in the world oil supplies."

Heady stuff indeed.


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