Wednesday, February 18, 2004

A Certain Stain on the Glass Pane of Life

Kent was most proverbial tonight, sending us crumpling to the floor in laughter. Everything is roses for Kent except when you mention Pritch, wherein he invokes epithets unheard outside the operator booth of an amusement ride at the 1972 Illinois State Fair. But let the Queen's word be as gospel: if you haven't gotten tired of the most popular items in that most incestuous of worlds, the Blog-O-Sphere™, and you'd like to shirk the more pedestrian of research sesshins and take up a greater celebration of eloquence (the kind Kent graciously provided this eve), might I recommend a trip to the Arabian AutoInsulter? And may a slew of grainy Zen Masters plough milkshakes into your frail Wang computer!


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