Tuesday, February 10, 2004


So we've got Eddie in and Kent out. The ideological repercussions imminent to this household are staggering. Cher instead of "Proud to Be an American". Latt├ęs instead of bowel effluvia emitted in the living room.

"Eddie, man!"

instead of,

"Kent, woman!"

Anyway. Whether this change to the 74 Constance roster was due to Craigslist or not, at least Pritchard Nixon's urges to yell have been slaked for another few fortnights. But Craigslist offers a cornucopia of craziness...behold a lovelorn letter to Carrie, an advice piece on women that barely....barely hides the misogyny, a Harvard fanboy's lament, and a public service announcement, among other gems.


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