Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Ahhhh... young idealism!

If the Americans ever truly wish to 'democratize' Iraq, they're going to have to start by promoting unionism. Now while this sounds dastardly and 'socialist' to Republican ears, the bottom line is the West only developed into the the democratic, citizen-oriented societies of today through the trade union movement of the early 1900s.

First off, trade unionism often curtails the effects of capitalism on emerging societies by protecting workers and citizen rights in the face of profiteering and corruption associated with massive capital investment. Second, effective trade unions promote the ideas of collective and democratic traditions such as community participation, voting, majority rule, appeal rights, etc. Trade unions were directly behind the cultural and economic success of post-war Japan and Germany.

An effective, national movement for citizen rights and the promotion of fair and equitable treatment is the only way that Iraq is going to leave the quagmire if faces today.

Let's hope the Americans are wise enough to understand their real history, before dooming Iraq with their idealised history of 'free-markets' and 'competition'.


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