Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Maximalism at its best.

Well friends, spring is in the air. The famous Iron Workers local 721 and their associates are putting the final touches on the new Sharp Centre at OCAD and soon the doors will be flung open to the masses. Doors open could potentially correspond with the GO WEST exhibition which involves over 30 galleries around Queen West on April 23, 24 and 25th.

Please note that a yearly favourite - the 2004 Graduate Show - is also scheduled for May 7, 8 and 9.

The Sharp Centre's greatest triumph is that it has evoked even the most minute of response in a city famous for indifference. Hell, even EmilyJP and Accordion Guy are willing to weigh in on the subject. In an ironic twist, local curmudgeon and infamous angry man John Sewell seems to be the most ambivalent of the lot.

While it's a good start, it's going to take a long while for alternate building forms to make the jump from institutional to conservative residential Toronto.


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