Monday, May 03, 2004

NO QUEEN - Two Weeks

That's right. Giving up the Monarchy for two weeks. I will next kneel before the diamond-encrusted shoe of Her Majesty on Saturday May the 15th. In the meantime I shall become the most ardent lobbyist against the Royal Family's iron-fisted reign, challenging Dick to band with his fellow Whigs and refute these gleaming gems of logos, pathos, and ethos! Not to mention bathos and his evil cousin, the great bane of my third-year academic existence, Nachos.

Conversations around here go like this for the next two weeks:
Nicky: Boy, breakfasts at Gate 403 sure are great.
Dick: I'd expect a comment like that from an imperialist pigdog. Why don't you just eat that garnish cantaloupe and think about the blood you just spilled! No blood for melon!
N: Put your head down and eat your eggs, which by the way came from non-inbred, underpriveleged, scandal-eschewing hens who live outside of the realm of the public eye! A colonial egg is a rotten egg!
D: I'm sure you'd rather have eggs plopped out under the watchful eye of Mao-Zedong and his merry band of underage trollops!
N: Death to all Whigs! Hand over the Crown Estate to the rich, where it belongs!
D: I love FDR!

Two weeks.


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