Monday, May 10, 2004

Usurper indeed.

Oh ye of little faith. The Queen - our Queen - deserves better than a quick slight of hand from the likes of one Nicky Pants! Your crass transformation from avid proponent of the constitutional monarchist model to this smarmy, unctuous republican-minded bumbary has taken me aback in such a manner as to suggest that I've suffered such an indignation that only the house physician Dr. Tim can solve.

It saddens me to think that such deep loyalist roots can be pulled up with mere a passing of thought. After years of avid service are you truly willing to turn your back on our soverign? Are you willing to give up the solace in knowing that our democratic system under her protection is shielded from the corruption and union-busting that proliferates the lesser Republican model?

Whatever your intent, I suggest you indulge her once more... not just for my sake, or yours... but for the Commonwealth as a whole. Such brash attitudes could set off a chain of events that could alter the political alliances of the entire globe. Think, first 74 Constance and then who... Jamaica? The Turks and Caicos? Choose wisely.

God save the Queen and Solidarity Forever in her name,



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