Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The Great Debate.

Well, I might as well break and be the first to mention the Great Debate. I didn't see it live, but watched it in its entirety starting at midnight. Which wasn't the same experience as than the last one - at a bar in Old Quebec City - which saw the Master Chretien disembowel Gilles Duceppe and naive Stockwell Day. I was forced to watch it in French, which is a completely different debating style.

I got this out of this one - nobody won. Everyone was pandering to their base. It was all low-brow hits. The only really new idea or policy stance was Harper's full support for English minority rights in Quebec and accusing Martin of re-francophoning it - which really isn't a new point at all.

Yet, you could hear the media wonks off-stage gasp in utter disbelief.

Harper is a buffoon... and so is Martin... and so is Layton. Duceppes is one too, but it doesn't show in the English debate because there's no pressure.

I was leaning CAP, but I'm not so sure any more. Ms. Foyel doesn't appear to have the stuff that made Paul Hellyer star cabinet minister and nationalist hero.


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