Sunday, June 06, 2004

'I love the idea of this little kid singing all these love gone wrong songs'

Jim Cuddy tells of his youth and how Blue Rodeo was formed through the pages of NOW magazine.

If you've dropped acid at least 20 times, lost 3 or 4 years to booze and looking good and can still manage to keep time, call Jim or Greg.

First gigging in 1985, this cast of characters continues to tour on.

I first saw them at a Tiger-Cats game on a cool Saturday night in September. All day they were announcing that there was a 'suprise' at the end of the game and to not leave early. Nobody had any idea what it could possibly be. After the fourth quarter, a black platform was rolled into the endzone and out walked Blue Rodeo who proceeded to play a set.

It's pretty strange listening to that as you get a full view of Hamilton in the background. All this in a big stadium nestled in the working class neighbourhood of one of the poorest places in Ontario. Blue Rodeo belting out Lost Together mixed with views of bleching smokestacks and sullen townhouses is an interesting combination.

I heard the gig was part of the severance package negotiated by Kim Deschamps and his lawyer when he was bitterly fired from the band. Nice way to stick it to Mr. Cuddy, eh? A big empty stadium with maybe 5000 ambivalent people on a cold September night is a little hard on the ego. Not suprisingly, it appears that all traces have been eliminated from the collective memory of the internet.

But damn, was it a good show.


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