Monday, June 21, 2004

Layton Should Deliver the Used-Car Salesman Vote

The folks at NIH are bang-on again, this time about "issue" politics in this election and the habitual suppression of self.

As the feature articles of the last two weeks have shown, elections are conceived of as being about issues, or about ideas, or about promises. These are things which exist outside the voter – even the ideas, which are other people's. This externality is accentuated by the refusal of candidates and voters to use their own internal resources to deal with these external phenomena. Except for the commentators on this site, no one is actually using his own personal intellect to examine the issues, ideas, or promises which are the ostensible subjects of electoral discourse. And yet the entire nation is seething over the "issues" they haven't even thought about. Hmmm. Could that possibly mean that our electoral discourse is actually determined by psychological factors, by personality types, by our unconscious responses to highly emotive and unexamined symbolism?


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