Monday, June 21, 2004

Semiotics et al.

Defined as the study of the role of signs as part of social life, semiotics is reemerging as a key driving force in post-modern cultural studies. But how profoundly does it explain our lives? More importantly, has it become the one-size-fits-all, defacto method of all cultural interpretation? Is the codification of semiotics simply replacing modern era structuralism?

It is contended that Modernism and its code - structuralism - is dead having been replaced with a cynical post-modernism intent on deconstructuralism. Hailed by some as a 'rosetta stone', can post-modernism be codified by simply focusing on meaning?

While my suspiciousness of objective reality allegedly makes me an 'affirmative post-modernist', I still think it's all bullshit.


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