Monday, July 05, 2004

Gonna be a Prop-Rep Party, Party, Party...

So Proportional Representation (aka Electoral Reform, Fair Voting) is officially the Hot Button Issue of the new election year. Dick's missive below does all the talking for this blog. As is my way -- that is, providing nothing of much use in terms of argument -- I've combed the Blog-O-Sphere for a few dissenting opinions...

  • Andrew Coyne
    In a less distortionary system, the representation of the parties in Parliament would be spread more evenly across the country. There would be more Tories from Ontario and Atlantic Canada, more Liberals from the West, more federalist MPs from Quebec -- and fewer Bloquistes. In short, we would have a Parliament that looked more like Canada, and less like, I don't know, the European Union. Our politics would split more on
    questions of ideology, and less on regional or linguistic lines.

    Andrew feels that first-past-the-post cleaves the country along ideological axes that simply aren't there, which causes the secondary ill of the "myth" of the dreaded Western Alienation (Despite the broad strokes of Blue representing Manitoba-and-westward in this
    Parliament, Liberal support actually increased in the West).

  • pragmatic radical brings up the Fair Vote Canada Prop-Rep Propaganda site. Interesting to note that Dick's observations about the neglect of local representation under a PR system aren't yet addressed.

  • Ian Gillespie favours a PR system by province.

  • Teledyn breaks PR down along mathematical lines, via the example of the European Union.

Over the next few months I expect a tenfold increase in media references to Duverger's Law, the mechanics of tactical voting, as well as the governments of Scotland, New Zealand, and India. There appears to be nothing approaching a "most correct" solution to the electoral reform problem, but I'm with Dick in thinking that if local policy and representation are allowed to fall by the wayside, the government is crippled at a level where it is most needed.


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