Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Who's your favourite Toronto character???

Tame, patronizing and pretentious, 'Toronto the Good' still lives up to its name as a place populated mostly with conformists and traditionalists.

Every now and then though, a true character emerges which challenges this mentality and adds substance to the otherwise desolate cultural landscape. Subsequently, I'm putting out the call to submit your favourites.

My vote has to go the Kensington-based anti-technology self-described luddite Michael Rosenberg. He first peaked my interest while attending a Metro Hall Official Plan information seminar back in 2002 where he personally tried to convert all 450 attendees to his de-population agenda. Once a fixture at his barren storefront office on Augusta Street in the heart of the market, Michael - a former programmer - runs Coalition Against Technological Unemployment and makes random appearances across the City to voice his concern and distrust of the role of technology in our lives. Not suprisingly, CATU does not have a website nor is willing to promote itself in any manner on the web. While few may agree with him or CATU, you gotta respect a man who's lived off 'savings' for the past ten odd years...


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