Thursday, September 02, 2004

Sometimes Noise Makes the Prettiest Sound

Would you want to pity-punch me in the junk if I told you the best song Dick and I have heard in a long time -- all year long, in fact -- came out of the Canada Music Fund? Well clench that fist, stranger, because there on the back of Jim Guthrie's latest CD (Now More Than Ever) amongst the record label insignias and shout-outs and publishing notes sits the Government of Canada logo, flashing you its smarmy smile.

My actor buddy Steve-O (not the Steve-O depicted here on the Velvy but an entirely different Steve-O than you're used to [is "Steve-O" the de facto nickname for anyone named Steve now, like "Hank" to Henry?]), taking a break from inhaling cocaine from the clefts of hookers' backs and holding hands with his fellow actors in a uplifting unity circle before the big show, made me a CD that he had originally made for an actor party. The CD was clearly made by the hand of an Eye devotee, as the bands were all slated to play Toronto in the coming weeks. A Jim Guthrie song featured prominently on this disc (the song was "All Gone", not available for download here, unlike "So Small", which is good, also), and I thought to buy the album, for it was cheap, and nationally funded, and I am still one of those anachronisms who buys CDs without hearing more than two songs.

Later that week, Dick and I are on the Lounge, breathing majesterial fumes, contemplating the S.W.O., and the album-opening "Problems With Solutions" comes on. Dick's head tilts, his ear moving closer to the guitar's gentle pluck, and he said, "Now this, this, is what I've been looking for." The song swoops and swirls along, soul-bound to its infectious acoustic riff, as Guthrie relays the story of which we've all been the author... When I'm drinkin' and had a few/Lord only knows what I said to you/in a smoky bar downtown...

So we'd like to nominate "Problems With Solutions" as the Velvet Lounge's Best Song of 2004, and I'm prepared to absorb any junk-punches that such a nomination would incite.

Jim Guthrie plays the Silver Dollar tonight. We'll be there, and so will you.


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