Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Back in Black.

The hypocricy of the 'moral majority' to the south got me to thinking, what about Alberta? The province that tries its best to emulate our big brother's cowboy mythology surely should be polarizing as well, right? Seems it is. Let me introduce you to the 'Alberta Alliance'. This no nonsense provincial offshoot of the now defunct federal party sits firmly to the right of the Alberta Conservatives and is climbing up the polls. It now sits at 9% and could potentially grab some seats in the hinterlands. Spending its energies attacking that liberal conciliatory swine Ralph Klein, the Alliance seeks to bring Alberta back to its roots... and ensure that civil servants act 'civil' at all times.

On social issues and social responsibility:
'The Alberta Alliance Party supports the concept of social responsibility within the concept of a free enterprise economic system.'

On Multicuturalism:
'The Alberta Alliance Party supports the concept of all citizens being first and foremost Albertans... The concept of individual ethnic group maintenance rests solely on those who wish to support their heritage.'

On Immigration:
'An Alberta Alliance government will seek to adminster immigration in Alberta as is done in Quebec.'

Everyone knows that the free enterprise economic system has a big heart. The 'concept' of 'collective capitalism' - and cultural selectionism - as the prime directive of social policy is especially brilliant.

First Aberhart and now Randy Thorsteinson... social credit has never looked better.


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