Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Agrarian Revolt starts here.

The most selfish bastard award of 2004 has to go to the York Federation of Agriculture. This opposition to the proposed greenbelt legislation reeks of everything I disdain. Wrapped in the sugar-coated idea of 'property rights' and public access issues lies the true intention of these scallywags:

"Even long-established farming operations face a large loss of equity if the use of their farmland is frozen in an agriculture zoning, he said. With an erosion of equity, most farmers would be unable to finance expansions or improvements to their farming enterprises or ongoing operations, according to O’Connor."

Seems the good agrarians of York Region are only interested in one thing... the fact that their land is 'frozen' in agricultural zoning and won't be able to sell it for zillions of dollars to any ol' developer that saunters up the lane. God forbid. What kills me is that these 'stewards of the land' want compensation for their troubles. I assume by 'financing expansion' they mean they won't be able to take their newfound millions, inflate land prices further afield - and then sell it again in down the line to make more millions. I wonder what the 'equity' of land value is for farmers in Lanark, Bruce or Kent Counties? This is bullshit of the tallest order.

What drives me nuts about the 'industry' is just that. It has ceased to become a way of life and is just another profit-driven sector of the economy - terms like 'agribusiness' and 'agri-industry' have become pervasive. It wouldn't be so bad if these characters didn't portray this squeaky-clean media image of Farmer Joe out plowing on his 1952 International H and Ma Kettle's baking pies for the lads when they come off the field.

New flash urbanites: farmers haven't given a shit about the land for years... they're out to make a buck anyway they can... just like the rest of society - and here is confirmation they'll happily fuck the environment to do it. I think it's high time they quit wrapping themselves in this 'noble steward' notion and just came out and say it.


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