Thursday, December 30, 2004

Danny's Millions

From this ivory tower that is Upper Canada, I am particularly enjoying the rigmarole that is taking place these days o'er on the rock. It seems that fantastic lad 'Danny Millions' removed our dear ol' emblem from every provincial building in a sudden bout of fanatical regionalism. The sore? Words said, not said and apparently dreamt.

Uncle Danny has a long and proud history of opportunism. A Rhodes scholar by 19, Cable TV magnet at 25, practicing lawyer and most recently president of offshore oil and gas supply services company OIS Fisher (a major contractor on the Hibernia project), Mr. Millions has had the good fortune of being in the right place at the right time on several occasions and has over 300 million reasons to prove it. Thanks Dad. Contrast this with the jowled chap in the other corner. Mr. Martin is the son of a once prominent cabinet minister and recipient of a great deal of aid in the form of the gift called Canada Steamship Lines. Thanks Power Corporation.

Two peas in a pod I would estimate.

While this blog certainly has no love for Martin, I will grudgingly admit agreement this once. The flag is being used 'as a tool for partisan politics' and it has little to do with offshore oil revenues. While Nova Scotia remains at the table working toward a solution with the Feds, Mr. Millions has pulled the worn-out 'plight card' - otherwise known as the 'we were fucked in '49 and Canada will pay' doctrine. This position is carried by every man, woman and child in Newfoundland and is happily lavished on all Upper Canadians and anyone else who would listen at every possible occasion. Personally, I don't mind.

Unfortunately, this time around it reeks of something completely different. As far as I'm concerned, this eastern Ralph Klein has one goal in mind... using political expediency guised as sanctimonious nationalism to obliterate the rival Liberals from Newfoundland. After Danny and his band of PCs were elected provincially, the good citizens turned around and sent 5 of the 7 Federal MPs as Liberals. The split was pronounced. St. John's voted Conservative, everyone else Liberal - the usual townies vs. bayman shit. The blame for the poor conservative showing was laid directly at the feet of one townie in particular - Premier Danny 'Millions' Williams.

How do you counteract that kind of kick in the teeth, regain respectability and destroy your opponents all in one shot? You walk away from talks which Nova Scotia says have 'agreement on some issues', stomp your feet, pull down the national symbol and incite something that will unite all Newfoundlanders in song - the 'Fuck Canada' doctrine. Without a doubt, patriotism remains the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Usually arch-defenders of all things symbolic, the federal Conservatives are uncharacteristically quiet on the whole affair. I suppose the idea of five more seats in a minority house is a little more important than such trivial things as consistency and integrity at the present time.

If all goes according to plan, I wonder what will be in store for Millions if the Calgary School ever attains the holy grail? Fisheries and Oceans? My bets are on Ministry of Propaganda.


Blogger MapMaster said...

The flag IS a political tool, all dressed up in Liberal colours. Paul Martin and his party are all too well versed in using the flag and other symbols to defend their "Canadianness" and to put down any and everyone else. In the last election, you couldn't stick your head out of the window without being slapped in the face by a Canadian flag being whipped about by a Liberal.

All the same, I wouldn't support Danny Williams on this issue -- asking both for the revenue from oil while at the same time asking the rest of the country for money in the form of equalization payments? You shouldn't be able to have it both ways. Although I must confess, his habitual deep frown almost had me convinced he was a serious intellectual whose demands were grounded in planes of existence far above my own, with my goofy expression.

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