Monday, December 20, 2004

There goes the neighbourhood....

I've lived near Roncesvalles and Howard Park for over three years and I've loved it from day one. Where else could one get to know the King, drop by for some 'Miss Vicky's' or some 'Huckster suprise', catch a retro run of Manhattan on a random wednesday night or let some street kids do the cooking... and all within one block of home? Nowhere I would contend.

Too bad the neighbourhood is going to hell. These joints spells one thing - sanitization and sterilization via hipsters and trendys by the vespa load - and frankly it's time to get out. Call it progress, call it whatever... all I know is that it's not my bag as I don't own a trucker cap. Here's a bet the Village Meat Market will be a Starbucks by 2006.

I found a great little lane house near Christie and Dupont. I think I'll make a bid.


Blogger Nick said...

Alas, an era is coming to a close. The perpetual Summer of 74 is now a chilly autumn, and soon, a deep winter slumber. So long, Pritchard, so long Gay-Z, see ya later, annoying laundry-hogging people downstairs. Hey Dick, mind grabbing my coffee machine and toaster before you leave?

9:39 AM  

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