Thursday, January 27, 2005

"This Shit Grows the Fine Tobacco!" and other revelations of our latest saviour.

As noted in the post below and a claim which Stompin' Tom would surely endorse, the finest swill does indeed come out of the true GTA... the Greater Tillsonburg Area. This quote about sums up the whole non-event... "He’s been frowned on by media and other farm groups," Schonberger said. "I think Hillier is a true leader and stands for all of rural Ontario." A true virtuous leader in the sense of the Inquisition - but then again, different strokes for different folks.

I particulary enjoyed these acidic Hillierisms:

"The bureaucrats run the bloody government. Peters is like every other politician down there and like a puppet on a string. We need to cut some of those strings."

"We’re not going to lose, it’s going to be him (McGuinty)... We don’t need some downtown bureaucrat telling us what we can do to our land."

"It’s not going to be a talk with McGuinty we want. It’s going to take a lot more than his word he will fix things. We want some concrete public statements on what he’s going to do and we’re going to tell him what he’s going to do."

Speaking of 'concrete public statements', there's nothing I love more than the timeless practice of couching the devil's work in those old well-worn 'statist' generalizations of faceless 'bureaucrats' and corrupt 'puppet' politicians.

Complete with throbbing red vein, there's no doubt that this man means business. Given the keen accuracy and intelligence provided in each of the above statements however, my fears regarding his brand of 'rural' revolution have all but evaporated. Charlatans come and go... hopefully sooner than later in this particular case for the sake of everyone involved.

Through his unbridled vehemence, it's beginning to become obvious that he's doing nothing more than bleeding a gullible constituency for a run at public office. Provincial politics perhaps? Here's to Hillier winning Ottawa West-Nepean in the 2008 provincials.

My bets are he's first at the trough.


Blogger kilpatrick said...

Jeff Helsdon of the Tillsonburg news has a really long face. Do you ever tire of the political scene...sometimes I think it would be wonderful to live in the mountains somewhere by a quiet babbling brook with fresh mountain water and keep myself warm with hides...BbBBbBBBbbbbb

11:47 PM  
Blogger Dick said...


My selfish crusade is based on none other than a healthy dose of envy... envy of Jeff Helsdon and his post as star reporter for the Tillsonburg News. I bet you he even gets complementary cancer sticks - the bastard. Expect occasional political commentary until the day when I'm worthy in management's eyes of filling his legendary shoes.

11:57 PM  

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