Saturday, February 19, 2005

Why is This Even an Issue?

I love Canada. Witness the 2005 East Coast Music Awards. While we beat our chest and ballyhoo quite regularly over our virtuous original culture, we simultaneously abscond our distinct regional roots. To this I ask... what other country would partake in such double-speak?

Canada is an amalgam of distinct regions and to those of us who concern ourselves with such things, the East Coast perhaps maintains the last bastion of original culture in the entire country. While the west has embraced the creed of Texas and central Canada the virtues of middle America, the east coast has remained distinct and I love it. Newfoundland still pisses about its confederation deal and Cape Breton maintains its devout love for fiddle music. Let the fringes complain, but in my opinion we are all the better for it. While others may consider this nonconformity a travesty, I consider it a badge of cultural honour. As far as I'm concerned, piss and moan all you want over the fact that we haven't been homogenized with the rest of North American society. See if I care.

So here's a big 'Fuck You' to all those whiny 'critics'. I've got a hell of a lot better things to worry about than whether you've being 'adequately' represented at the East Coast Music Awards.


And while I'm on this rampage... fuck Forbes magazine too.


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