Sunday, March 27, 2005

For the Fans

Raising your childhood daughter is tough business. While John may have had that refined edge concerning the whole matter, is this method perhaps the most effective?

The sad point is that no one watched his redeeming comeback - including myself - because it was formula pap. On the contrary, everyone at one point or another has spent a rainy random Saturday afternoon watching that perennial Superstation favourite. And unfortunately it is for this epic that we will remember him most. Granted, after that glorious stint at the top, that long twenty year fiasco in movies took its toll. C'mon, remember the good years!

Also from the Where are They Now File:

Q: Where's former Problem Child star Michael Oliver?

A: He's apparently crewing under the handle 'PC' as a Drum Tech/Stage Set Up/Computer Wizard for the Samples. Nice.


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