Wednesday, April 27, 2005

80soft ™ Does it Again!

Today I honestly considered purchasing this exciting game of chance. Given the inordinate quantities of repetitive bullshit I've been reading from the armchair folks, one feels compelled to waste all of one's time by adding yet another useless diatribe to the bursting trough - if only for a minute. Unsurprisingly, this treasure - direct from HQ - is about the only interesting find of note today... and it's crassly boring at that.

"Is it Howard Stern?... Is it Tom Green?... No it's the 'King of Shock'! Jack Layton... Tell us another one, Jack."

Whatever. I've got better things to do than join the club and rant incessanty about 'moral outrage' and the like. Subsequently, it's time for a hiatus.

It's spring for the Pope's sake! Get out there and enjoy it! (Indulge 'Sun Tea' at your own risk.)


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