Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Double Bill.

Rarely do the Hogtown planets align in such a fashion as to combine the talents of the legendary Peterboroughian Washboard Hank and the renowned tones of the D.Rangers into one gargantuan blowout ├╝bershow. I dropped by on a tip to the tucked away intimate main hall of the Tranzac Club, where Washboard - in rock star true fashion - proceeded to open the show by going ape shit on his symbol-laden head and washboard/license plate/horn chest apparatus before bringing down the house with the sweet, sweet notes of his patented 'fallopian tuba'. Arousing a chorus of whoops and cheers from his obviously ecclectic fanbase, Hank stayed away from his Children's album and delivered a varied set of old standards - including "Too Much Country Music Made Me Cut Off My Cock" - before handing over the stage to Winnipeg's D.Rangers. Providing what remains perhaps the best cover of Townes Van Zandt's celebrated 'Poncho and Lefty' ever devised, they proceeded to sauce it up and lay on a heavy set of what can only be described as 'punk-bluegrass'.

Anyways, it was good music and a good time. Good enough to advise anyone to keep their eyes peeled and drop by on a moments notice at the local fair, festival, elementary school or old age home whenever either passes through.

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