Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It's Almost Life-Like

It gives me sincere pleasure to note that I have not 'blogged' in a fair while... vacations, booze and patios coupled with a healthy dose of luddism being the prime culprits. Given the seven months of absolute frigidity that this city bestows, I just could never stomach the idea of sitting before a radiating box while the sun is shining, the nights are warm and one doesn't need to employ de-icer by the gallon.

However with summer effectively in the rear view mirror, the Cable man is dropping by next Saturday to plug me once again into this introverted world-wide plethora of rubbish. While I can live comfortably without frivolous phones or televisions, the notion of a long harsh winter without the likes of Metafilter and The Onion is wholly inconceivable.

Subsequently, it is with a tempered sense of despair (on the part of both myself and the three of you that happen upon this place) that I announce the inevitability of ol' Velvy's return to some degree.

Cheers and Godspeed,