Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Devil's Imp

Surely the crutch of an era and prestigious founder of the war on drugs, the fabled opium den has been reduced to folklore. This once staple of Whirling Dervishes and 'Chinamen' everywhere, in modern times the 'celestial drug' and its burrow of filth have been wholly overtaken and replaced by its synthesized devil derivative - Diacetylmorphine. Simplified when trademarked to the catchier 'Heroin' (or 'Heroic Leader') by Bayer in the early 1900s, scag was marketed and sold as a cough medicine for children.

With the advent of competition, opium has been fazed out of the drug culture, common lexicon and relegated to mythical Victorian lore. Nonetheless, its purveyors remain undaunted.


Blogger kilpatrick said...

He's still alive...what an education

I was intrigued to learn about the opium plant...

Self posession is a bastard...

12:11 AM  

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