Thursday, October 27, 2005

Esprit de Corps

A good 1/2 hour documentary on Clown Doctors from Radio Netherlands - featuring the antics of such notables as 'Dr. Fruit-Loops' and the 'Fools for Health' from Windsor, Ontario.

With CBC Overnight back, I can finally sleep easy again... with the possible exception of Robert Greene's retirement during the lockout. His brand of on-air commentary made Paul Harvey look like the swill he is. However, with the good comes the bad. And the horrible is that crass English service of Channel Africa from the SABC, which in my estimation has the worst presenters ever - monologue readings from shuffling scribbled sheets of paper is not conducive to good radio.

It reminds me of my brief tenure at Radio Waterloo. Much like that experience, I suspect booze is somehow involved.


Blogger A.D.D said...

i also think that " booze" is involved it always gets in to everything no matter what making sticky situations even worse. thank good for C.B.C.

10:54 PM  

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