Sunday, October 23, 2005

Kunstler Again.

RTH: Do you think home-builders are just building what consumers demand?

JHK: They're building what has been successful for them in the past. By the way, I abhor the word "consumer." Consumers, unlike citizens, have no implicit duties, obligations, or responsibilities to the common good. It's a degrading term. The use of it degrades the public discussion. The builders will continue to behave the way they are used to behaving until reality bitch-slaps them upside their heads. By then, they will all be headed out of business.

An oldie, but a goodie. Interview Here.

Also, here we go again.

And finally this - the phoenix of the now defunct BLC arises.


Blogger R. Christopher Edey said...


Thanks for the Kunstler link. The interview is pure genius. Could not help but recall the hysterical ravings of the Waterloo suburbanite crowd when we were pushing for the rezoning of the dilapidated subdivision between UW and WLU into something more urban and useful. I am not normally the vengeful type, but I hope they enjoy their poverty.


8:56 PM  
Blogger nafi said...

Many property developers do build only what was succesful in the past.

In South Africa, we have many property developers who just cannot seem to come away from building Tuscan style developments all over the show. Real estate is big business at the moment, and I guess we South Africans have to get ready for a whole lot more Italian villiages in our country...

6:36 AM  

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