Saturday, February 18, 2006

'Menacing Threats' and Other Assorted Bogeymen

Not even a month in, and our hip, outdoorsy Minister of Public Safety has firmly put National Identity Cards back on the table.

"We also want to be able to stop people who are a menace or a threat from getting in or getting out, so that's the overall goal"...

"Whether that's some kind of a biometric approach, an enhancement on a driver's licence — all of that needs to be explored, so we do want to see enhanced technological capacity in that area."

From the Party that introduced the term 'boondoggle' to the Canadian lexicon, behold yet another 21st century initiative focused on eliminating 'menace' and 'threat' - and all in the name of 'public safety'... whatever that means.

Here's another view of 'public safety' from the Federal Privacy Commissioner (pdf) circa 2003.

HT: Geist


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