Thursday, February 02, 2006

Tempests and Teapots

While enough has been said on the subject, I thought I'd toss up my favourite:

At the risk of having a jihad decreed on the Velvy, I must declare this latest fiasco to be the ultimate in double-speak. How a culture can tolerate state television broadcasting genocide, yet collectively stomp its feet over a series of cartoons in a paper with a circulation of 158,000 is beyond me. The Fresno, California Bee gets more readership for christ's sake.

In a society willing to embrace a religion as stern as Wahhabism, the Arabian Peninsula had better be ready to take a few knocks from a secular West. Europe after all has a culture which prides itself on its ability to constantly question its own values. Given that the Muslim faith is now a emerging force in that culture, its review is considered fair game. Just as French society severely mocked the Catholic church in the late 1700s, modern Western society is just as willing today to make light of the sort of institutionalized religious-based intolerance which is currently proliferating the Middle East.

In a simplistic sense, the Wahhabi's are the Mormons of the Muslim world, and Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahhab the Joseph Smith. "Behold thy Golden Plates!"

Regardless, if a faction is willing to dish it out (and the larger society endorses it through its silence), it better learn to take a little poking at its vehemence as well. Deal with it.


Blogger R. Christopher Edey said...

You're right. The virgin cartoon is by far the funniest of the lot.

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