Friday, April 21, 2006


Since I've been small, I've had a fascination with big projects - the city building aspect I suppose. Turning industrial cities into thriving machines and then resurfacing when things turned sour. Consequently, the list has been light since the early 80s... with one exception:

The Big Dig.

In Boston last year, I walked it. In fact, I remember forcing K.E. Moffatt to drive its length through the usual protest; fresh from another sojourn to 'Krappy's' and on our way to a delightful family summer barbeque in the burbs as I recall - at the 'woman's' aunt's house. Anyways, the sheer mass of the Big Dig undertaking was spectacular - from Chinatown to the Fleet Centre - the place was chaos. Tunnels dug, subways relocated, centrepiece bridges built. Boston had ripped up its downtown in order to reconnect itself. The project meant once to save was being upgraded from Spadina Horror to Park Avenue fantasy and finally the downtown could be one again.

But now how to reconnect it?


Blogger A.D.D said...

Thats jsut it how Do we RECONECT it?


3:49 PM  

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