Saturday, April 01, 2006


When I came to Toronto, I chose to give up my car... and now that I want to go see to the McMichael Collection, it suddenly becomes a hassle. But that is a lot less hassle than the everyday grind for the thousands who take the 35 Jane from Weston. While the Regions have GO Transit, Rexdale has this. And now in its bid for suburban love, the Province is making a big pitch. Thankfully, the TTC is dragging it's feet.. it's not nobility, it's the fact this bankrupt city has to cough up nearly an equal amount to the province - plus future operational costs.

But is the Province pushing the affluent suburbs down Toronto's throat? With the newly minted Greater Toronto Transportation Authority coming out - and federal funds for the York extension questionable - perhaps the Province is giving the TTC an ultimatum. Either support the elephant and remain independent, or cry financial 'excuses' and suffer the wrath of another round of regional amalgamation.

Not only would one regional system be bad for the insular power politics at the TTC, but more importantly it would be bad for the Weston's and Long Branch's. When the Commission went Metropolitan, it was the political dissolution of the zone system, regionalism and the introduction of the suburban bus routes that turned the TTC into the financial orphan it has become. A history of politically compensating for low ridership suburban lines with reduced frequency on profitable lines does not make good business sense.

And now we're buying into it all over again as the system crumbles.

Is it worth the $1.5 billion to satisfy the heady dreams of 'city-builders', heavy-rail enthusiasts and glad-handing politicians alike? There are other means to serve low density, car-oriented Vaughan without extending a full-fledged subway 6.5km into a windswept field doubling as a future suburban downtown... and for much less I'd think.


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Okay you talk about the Jane 35 bus. I took that bus for 35 years, and not once did I ever have to flag it down. Welcome to Auckland NZ. That's what you gotta do here to get a bus to get anywhere around here. Dick Giro, you know who we are...The Canuckkiwis

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