Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It's in the Genes.

For those of us interested in local history, behold 'Our Roots'. Hundreds of full-text historical books on matters from across the country.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Fin de Semana

With the fantastic weather resurrecting old patio habits, and the looming May 31st smoking ban forcing me to take one last rainy day advantage of the few remaining indoor parlours, it’s been all-around a hectic spring. While it’s noble to have one vice, two or more are proving difficult to juggle.

Eventually the body says to the brain ‘enough’, and the tell-tale signs emerge. The chain of shutdowns often begins simply enough, I know the signs. This weekend was designated for rest – a pit stop to charge the batteries - in preparation for the final onslaught into June. A campaign so intricately designed and astonishingly executed, it will leave the like of Patton in awe. Blitzkrieg: 2006!

But first comes rest.

True to my word, I did absolutely nothing of any consequence this weekend. Safely cocooned in my North Toronto pied-a-terre, Booger and I kept activities to a functional minimum. Aside from endless movies and the obligatory holiday thing, I succeeded in doing nothing more than making 20 gallons worth of some damn fine beef stew. 6lbs. of stewing beef and 2lbs. of steak sprinkled with the finest in legumes and sauces.

Gastro-intestinal issues aside, life is good.