Thursday, June 22, 2006


With my kinfolk back home reconfiguring Crank Radios, I'm left here in the urban jungle realizing the simpler inanities of life through this here internet.

Thanks to Metafilter, I've discovered the joys of the Digital Library of Appalachia. It's music section is beyond reproach (including search by Kentucky county). With over 9000 mp3's of the finest in back porch pickin', this is a true treasure of the now legendary roving Field Recorders - a group of driven souls bent on capturing a disappearing Appalachia community life.

From commercial icons like Cousin Emmy and Jerry Byrd to the more humble likes of Clarence Tross, Melvin Wine and J. Roy, the Library has served to combine several separate holdings into one fat collection for posterity.



Anonymous Paper Monkey said...

How the hell am I just hearing about this now!!!!

oh by the way... does anyone have a spare room..? I may get kicked out if I play any more country music. After the trip out West I have been playing a fiar bit of Corb Lund and it hasn't been received all that well..

9:46 AM  
Blogger Dick said...

Wow... that kind of preference can only come from a rough night out a Ranchman's!

Their tearful ballad 'The Rodeo's Over' featuring Ian Tyson is particularly moving.

Feel free to use my sofa if it comes to it.

10:17 PM  
Anonymous Paper Monkey said...

It hasn't gotten there yet... I'll let you know if I actually go out and get the rediculously big belt buckle... then the couch will be required!

10:02 AM  

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