Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Hey 'Canada's New Government', you suck.

Bring back the Collections.


In related news, resident rube retires and the King has a capital idea.


Blogger Paper Monkey said...

.... yet another reason to vote Green... the Liberals have had their chance and they blew it... the conservatives are stinking it up and frankly... nobody wants the NDP to have any degree of controll over this country...
Now if only we can get the apathetic pukes up off their asses to come out and vote... at least get a minority Green government so that they can start to make some positive changes around here... try to catch up to the Finns and Swedes and Danes on their social and environemntal policy and stewardship....

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

See This is the Problem people when it comes time to vote say i'm not going to cause it won't make a dieffrence...well if all these lame asses from Inwood and surounding area actually got off there welfar bums and voted maybe jsut maybe our country could start to turn its self back into a peace keeping country. Th ods of this unlikly but all i got to say is Harper is running us into the ground with the U.S.A. pretty soon we will all be 6 feet under with the U.S.A. watching Bush penetrat Harper in the ass.SOmething i don't want to watch but its happeing

1:53 PM  

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