Sunday, March 02, 2008

Again, again and again...

Some days I wish there was the time to pontificate like there once was. Take this latest sack of excrement from my favourite moron:

"Hillier, a Progressive Conservative MPP who once led the provincial landowners' movement, said the problem is related to provincial legislation such as the Clean Water Act, the provincial policy statement on land use and other "stupid" measures that restrict rural communities and property owners, as well as an "atrocious amount of red tape."

"That pushes people out of rural Ontario into urban areas," said Hillier. "As a result, their schools have declining enrollment and are closing up."

While I have yet to figure out the connection between these 'stupid measures' and declining school enrollment, I am well aware of declining birth rates, changing rural economic trends and centralization. Most of us are also aware of the vast rural development imbalance between communities with amenity features and those without - that go well beyond simple space factors. I believe in the benefits of rural schools, and attended them... ones which have since closed. It's also true that their closing rips the heart and soul out of a community. What isn't true is that rural communities are emptying simply because one has to locate the well 50' from the house or can't level their wetland for a gun range. As I've said before, co opting a desperate population for cheap special interest political gain seems to be a reoccurring theme with this fellow. A 'Rural Yahoo' indeed.

It smacks of insincerity... or perhaps it's just mere stupidity. I hope the latter.

Yet another bullshit statement from this one-trick pony and now appointed as Opposition Critic for Rural Affairs and Municipal Affairs and Housing. With this moron as official critic, rural Ontario is doomed. If there ever was a reason to get rid of Tory, this more than anything has to be it.